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What We Do

We take away your worry and give you a Leak Free Roof. Included in your New Roof is a 10-Year Care & Maintenance Plan. Every year, a Fix My Roof Technician will inspect the roof for aging, wear & tear, as well as punctures or cracks caused by storm, accident, vandalism or negligence. After repairing any portion of roof that needs it, the Fix My Roof Technician will also examine the roof for potential areas of failure and implement Preventative Maintenance Measures. Like we said, give you a Leak Free Roof and take away your worry.

After each Annual Roof Assessment, we will meet with you personally to discuss what repairs (if any) were necessary. We will also furnish you with a copy of our Annual Roof Assessment Report for your records.


Every roof is unique. To best protect Your Roof (and everything in it) our Roof Technicians custom-design every one of our Leak Free Roofs based on Your Roof’s distinct characteristics, including type, age, and condition.

Instead of tearing off your old roof, and throwing both money and waste into a landfill, our Roof Technicians custom-design a new roof that restores Your Roof’s existing good qualities and creates a seamless silicone membrane (think swimming pool liner). This membrane is applied in liquid form using multiple coats over the course of 2-3 days. The result is always the same: A Leak-Free Roof.

All seams and penetrations are given special attention and protected with additional coats and reinforced mesh, as are areas identified by the Fix My Roof Technician as Areas of Potential Failure.

In sealing the edges, you have two options.
1.)   We can apply our Leak-Free Roof coating up and over the top of parapets; parapets are highly exposed and frequently the first part of a roof to show aging, cracking, etc. Parapets are also common victims of the ol’ Freeze & Thaw routine that is part of Mother Nature in New Mexico. This does add to the jobs total square footage.
2.)   We can seal the new roof a few inches onto the parapet’s stucco.


Two phases are required to properly install Your Leak-Free Roof. First, the Fix My Roof Prep Crew clears all debris and/or gravel from the roof.

In the Second Phase, our Restoration Crew seals the roof’s edges and reinforces all seams, penetrations, and areas of potential failure with butyl mesh. The Restoration Crew then applies the liquid silicone and reinforced mesh to the entire roof. The topcoat of silicone can either white (for maximum energy savings) or tan (if your neighborhood or homeowner’s association requires it. Custom colors are also available for an additional cost and with 2 months advance notice.


To lessen the amount of time that our crews will be present on your property, we require
That driveways be kept clear for the movement of vehicles during work hours. Clients must also provide Fix My Roof with access to electrical outlet and garden hose spigot.

We use high-pressure, industrial washers, pumps, and vacuums with noise levels up to 90db. The clearing of debris from roof and high-powered pressure washing results in airborne water and dirt around the property, and possibly the neighbor’s property. Fix My Roof will work

It is the Customer’s responsibility to work with the Fix My Roof Technicians on site to close all doors and windows to the house, and to move or cover any automobiles, lawn furniture, outdoor appliances and exterior landscaping. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inform neighbors of the Roof Restoration Project and the likelihood of airborne water and dirt.

50% of the Total Job Cost must be paid at signing of Work Order or 72 hours prior to the scheduled start date. 50% is due immediately upon completion. If you are interested in financing, click here.