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How to Do Roof Maintenance On A Foam Roof Like a Pro

A Foam roof can be installed on almost all shapes and types of roof. It provides great insulation against harsh weather conditions. But its proper maintenance is also very important because it tends to get damaged easily by sharp objects and various other factors. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to keep your foam roof in a good condition.

A clean roof passes a lifetime!

All rooftops should be cleaned every once in a while. You should thoroughly investigate all signs of roof damages at least once every year. But it is better to check your foam roof once a season so as to stay on the safe side. It’s likewise good to visit your rooftop after any storm or heavy rain, just to make certain nothing has harmed the foam coating of the roof.

Fortunately, some of the maintenances can be done without assistance of any professional. For instance, clearing nests, and removing tree branches and other debris can be done easily by hand.

The good news is that a foam roof does not attract any pests like rodents or bugs. So you will not have to worry about unwanted vermin creeping out during the cleaning process.

What to do with a discolored and bad textured roof

The second most important thing to look for during maintenance is the color of your roof. Its discoloration is indicative of a bigger problem. You also have to make sure that the texture of the roof is same at all places.

The texture of your foam roof should be like that of an orange peel. If you observe anything other than that, it means that your roof is not in a good condition. Commonly the texture of the foam roof becomes like texture of scrambled eggs.

Clearing away unnecessary objects

Some people damage their foam roof by placing or keeping unnecessary objects on it. Spare parts, old furniture, unused HVAC, debris and all such material are often left on the roof. It  is a common reason of damage foam roof damage. Instead of compromising the health of the foam it is better to keep heavy objects away from the roof.

Common Repairs

The commonly occurring problems in the spray foam roof are:

  • Tiny holes and punctures
  • Cracks and splits
  • Small blisters

All these three problems can be repaired in the following manner:

  1. Clean the area thoroughly with a wet cloth.
  2. With the help of a sharp object like a knife, carefully remove or cut out any loose coating or damaged foam at a 45⁰
  3. Then apply generous amount of compatible filling material into the dent so that it overflows the hole and spread evenly elsewhere.
  4. The last thing, if the foam manufacturer suggests, establish a coating over the repair. Silicone or acrylic is typically used as the final coating.

Don’t recoat on your own

You can easily perform roof maintenance, but recoating is not a task you can handle! Although the process might seem simple but it actually requires a professional hand. If you choose to recoat the roof on your own, you will most certainly be inviting bigger problems.


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