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An Inexpensive and Effective Roofing System Solution for Those Hot Summer Months

With summers getting hotter every year and global warming evidently becoming a problem, green environment-friendly solutions are sought after to make our lives safe and convenient. TPO roofing which stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply roofing is an emerging technology that has penetrated the commercial and residential markets and is getting popular for its heat reflective and energy conserving advantages.

This single membrane roofing system covers the entire surface of the roof. It is formed from rubber, ethylene, and propylene. Utilizing the rubbers thermal insulation qualities, the bright white TPO roofing layer forms a reflective blanket over your building to conserve the energy inside, prevent it from escaping, and reflecting the sunlight right off. This keeps the building from heating up, despite very high temperatures, making this trifecta a desirable roofing solution for many.

Talc, fiberglass, and carbon fillers are also added into the mix to give structural integrity to the substance, making the TPO roof very tough and durable against all elements, be it extreme weather or corrosion. Degradation is not an option with the right TPO roofing choice. The adhesive structural strength that this layer adds onto the most vulnerable side of a building (roof) increases the age of the building drastically.

TPO membranes are designed to retain the benefits from both of its alternative roofing choices namely: EPDM/ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, and PVC/Polyvinyl chloride. This makes the TPO a durable, low maintenance and a leak-proof impermeable membrane that provides your home or office with a layer of protection from heat, hefty weather, and time. A decent thickness of PVC in the TPO ensures better protection against solar radiation, accompanied by strong welding, which increases its strength and flexibility and makes this membrane strongly resistant to tears, impacts, and any kind of punctures. This extra protection greatly decreases gradual degradation caused by thermal fluctuation over the years.

TPO seams can be 3-4 times stronger than EPDM adhesive and tape seams. Hard to reach places on your roof often accumulate a bit of algae, dirt, and bacteria but with TPO membranes, this is not a problem thanks to the smoothness of its surface making it resistant against all three! The smooth surface makes it harder for debris and bacteria to accumulate and proliferate.

Additionally, the high installation speed is another one of the eye catching factors making the TPO roofing system a quick and useful addition. TPO does not contain chlorine or other hazardous chemicals injurious to human or environmental health. The reflection of the UV rays also contributes to the ozone layer’s purpose to cool down our planet. Moreover, it is fully recyclable, odorless, and safe, making it eco-friendly. The TPO layer reflects ozone and UV, making it an excellent and convenient heat reflection system that cools down the internal temperature in the building.

Perhaps the best quality of this roofing system out of all is its attractive cost effectiveness. In fact, TPO is one of the cheapest materials on the market, astoundingly, costing less than both of its individual ingredients, EPDM, and rubber. Experts at can help you lower your electricity costs and make your summers cooler and more comfortable through efficient TPO roofing solutions.