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We offer the best flat roof solution for residential and commercial roofs in the marketplace today. According to the National Roof Council, 85% of roofs that are torn off and replaced don’t need to be. They can be restored. Our restoration process saves money on both installation and energy savings for the life of the roof. 

Our Silicone Membrane IntegriGard costs 20-30% less than traditional roof replacement. We use state-of-the-art quality materials and certified professional installers. Our 10-year warranty and scheduled maintenance plan are the best in the industry. 

We take great pride in the quality and integrity of our work. Our mission is to have you Never Worry About Your Roof Again! Please feel free to call us at 888-919-8011 to ask any questions or to make an appointment for us to come out to your property for a roof inspection and estimate.

Fix My Roof Uses Superior Materials

The silicone membrane we install on your roof is environmentally friendly, is 100% UV stable and is the most UV resistant roof material available. The materials we use have shown zero degradation over 53 years of accelerated testing. Our roofs are uniquely suited to the flat and low-pitch roofs typical of New Mexico’s buildings. New Mexico’s climate can be harsh year-round, with sun and wind in warmer seasons and freeze and thaw cycles in the winter. 

Our durable liquid Silicone Membrane IntegriGard, is the perfect solution to New Mexico’s temperature and climate extremes. Traditional tar roofs can shrink and expand with temperature changes, which causes cracks and leaks. Because it is applied as a liquid, Silicone Membrane IntegriGard fills in any holes and cracks that could cause a roof to leak. The silicone technology we use was developed by NASA for use in space shuttles and has been used in the Middle East to help protect our troops from desert heat. It is seamless, leakproof, and hail and wind resistant. Silicone membranes protect buildings from both water damage and UV deterioration.

In addition to being weatherproof and durable, our materials provide cool roof energy savings. New Mexico’s beautiful sunshine can be tough on roofs and tough on your energy bills. 

Conventional roofs can be dark and can absorb heat; they may be 50 degrees hotter than the ambient air temperature, causing the entire building to be warmer while forcing air conditioning to work even harder. 

Silicone Membrane IntegriGard is a high solar reflectance material, so our white and light-colored roofs reflect heat and are only 5 degrees warmer than the ambient air temperature. Our silicone cool roofs lower internal temperatures and reduce cooling costs. 

Homes and businesses with cool roofs can save 20-40% in energy costs. Silicone Membrane IntegriGard has been tested and certified to meet Cool Roof Rating Council and EPA guidelines for ENERGY STAR compliance.

In urban areas, cool roofs can also help mitigate a phenomenon known as an “urban heat island” where temperatures are 2-5% warmer due to the dark roofs and pavement keeping heat in the atmosphere.

Silicone Membrane IntegriGard is also environmentally friendly. In addition to saving energy, our silicone membranes are pure enough to be certified to use in collecting drinking water. We use only solvent-free primer, and because we don’t tear off your old roof, you aren’t contributing to landfill waste.

Silicone Membrane IntegriGard is a simple and effective, low-tech way to improve the environment and lower energy costs.

Fix My Roof Provides Superior Workmanship

The Fix My Roof family is a dedicated team of roofing professionals focused on ongoing research and development and quality control. Our process really begins with strong management and our highly trained and dedicated technicians. 

Our managers stay in constant communication with our customers as well as going onsite to inspect the work throughout the roofing process. We take great pride in the superior quality of our materials and our workmanship, and we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. 

Our certified installers are friendly and courteous, as well as reliable and professional. Because our process is quiet and efficient, we cause minimal disruption to your home or business. Our mission is to let homeowners Never Worry About Their Roof Again!

How It Works: The Fix My Roof Process

Step 1: We thoroughly clean the existing roof surface by sweeping and power washing, according to the type of existing roof, to remove any debris.

Step 2: We apply a solvent-free primer to the entire roof surface. This two-part epoxy primer ensures proper adhesion of the silicone membrane. We then thoroughly inspect the roof and reinforce any potential problem areas such as seams, penetrations, and skylights.

Step 3: We apply a base coat of silicone to the entire roof. Depending on the temperature and humidity, the base coat takes about four to eight hours to cure. 

Step 4: We apply a top coat of silicone. After the top coat of Silicone Membrane IntegriGard has cured, you are encouraged to accompany us on our final roof inspection. We want you to be 100% satisfied. And, of course, we want you to Never Worry About Your Roof Again!

Fix My Roof Provides a 10-year Warranty

As a testament to our confidence in our superior materials and workmanship, we provide an industry leading warranty. Most roofers provide a one-month to a one-year warranty. We’re so sure about the quality of our product and our workmanship, we provide a 10-year double warranty – one from the manufacturer and one from Fix My Roof. 

The warranty covers both materials and workmanship and includes a 10-year scheduled maintenance plan. We will call you every year and schedule a convenient time to perform our 20-point roof inspection. We will inspect your roof yearly for the life of the warranty and will provide any necessary corrective, preventive or predictive maintenance. Because most homeowners spend $250 to $500 per year on roof care and maintenance, you save a minimum of $2,500 over the course of the warranty.

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Fix My Roof offers the best flat roof solution for residential and commercial roofs in the market place today. Featured here are several videos that cover our superior roofing process, the materials we use, our high level of workmanship, our industry leading warranty and a set of videos showcasing some of our best work.

Please feel free to get your free estimate or call us 888-919-8011 to ask any questions or to make an appointment for us to come out to your property to complete a roof inspection and estimate. Thank you!