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Are Tar And Gravel Roofs Good?

Tar and gravel roofs have been the ultimate roofing solution for majority of homeowners for the longest of times. In the United States alone, around 75% of the houses are installed with tar and gravel roofs. Also known as built-up roofing (BUR), the tar and gravel roofing solution has upgraded from traditional six-ply or six layer technology to the conventional three-ply or three layer one.

Whether your home is under-construction or you’re revamping your house, installing a tar and gravel roof is the best option out there. If you’re still wondering whether or not tar and gravel roofs are good, take a look below and see why they are.

tar and gravel roof

What Makes Tar And Gravel Roofs Such A Great Option?

Tar is made of glass fiber and refined asphalt that strengthens your roof. Gravel’s rich in texture coating layer gives your roof a premium, high-definition finishing for an appealing look. Apart from these reasons, tar roofing is a brilliant go-to because:

1. It is water resistant

Water resistance is an extremely important feature which makes this roofing solution standout. The collision of rain or snow against the roof’s exterior leads to erosion. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, it also weakens your roof which could lead to moisture leakages indoors.

Seek the assistance of a professional service to install tar and gravel roof in your home as they are equipped with the right materials to carry out the process.

2. Energy efficient

Tar and gravel roofs are extremely energy efficient. This type of a roofing solution assists you in maintaining a normal temperature indoors and leads to a decreased use of electricity. Particularly in hot weather, this type of a roof actually lowers the temperature by 10 degrees, keeping the indoor environment cooler than usual. This enables you to save your expenditure on energy consumption. During a breezy weather or snowfall, this roof keeps your indoor insulation locked, allowing you to stay cozy without having to spend too much on electric heaters.

3. Budget friendly

Perhaps the most attractive feature of tar and gravel roofs is the fact they are budget friendly. Not only is the material inexpensive, the cost of installation is also quite low as it is easy to install. In addition, tar and gravel roofs require minimum maintenance costs, lowering your annual expenditure on residential maintenance.

4. Long-lasting

Compared to any other type of roofing solution, tar and gravel is the most hard-wearing option. The material is rock solid and offers protection against external, corrosive elements. The gravel finishing layer protects your roof from the damages of harsh UV rays.

Yet, the most stellar feature of tar and gravel roofs is they are extremely durable and long-lasting. On average, an unmaintained tar and gravel roof lasts up to 10-20 years. If you invest in minimal maintenance, you can actually stretch its lifespan up to 50 years.

Simple Tips for Tar and Gravel Roof Maintenance

Maintaining tar and gravel roofs is quite simple. All you have to do is to:

  • Have it checked by professionals, annually
  • Keep it clean
  • Repair minimal damages, instantly

If you’re thinking about having a tar and gravel roof installed in your home, contact a professional service. Experts have the right knowledge and experience to execute the task to perfection.