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The Benefits of Spray Foam Residential Roof

Spray foam roof coating has undoubtedly become one of the most popular residential roofing choices today. You might have heard your neighbors and friends hail praises of their new spray foam installation but unless you have yourself had one installed on your house or have talked to a roofing professional extensively about the pros and cons of foam roofing, you will not be able to assess it as a roofing choice for your house. You will find all the good and the bad of a spray foam residential roof below to help you make the right choice if you are unsure about the kind of roofing you want to be installed.

1.      Saves 30-50% of energy operating costs per year

That’s right. The remarkable energy efficiency that spray foam residential roofs offer is one of the leading characteristics homeowners find attractive about this choice. It can save a lot of energy by generating the higher R-value per inch due to its ability to provide thermal air and moisture barriers. This smart technology keeps the heat from escaping during the winter and lets it out during the summer which makes a significant amount of energy you will surely notice on your energy bills.

2.      Low maintenance

Another advantage of having a spray foam residential roof is the fact that it does not require much upkeep and is relatively low maintenance. Your spray foam residential roof can last more than 50 years with minimal upkeeps. You only need to have it inspected twice a year.

3.      100% waterproof

If seams exist in the roof, water leaks will occur. However, spray foam roofing is applied as a liquid so it fills into any gaps or cracks that exist on your roof and makes the entire roof waterproof. The contractor can also level out the roof to prevent water from pooling during the rainy season.

4.      Environmentally friendly

Unlike other roofing options available on the market today, the materials used for the spray foam residential roof are environmentally friendly. So if you are conscious of your impact on the environment, spray foam roof is the best choice since it is low in the emission of volatile organic compounds and free from chlorofluorocarbons.