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Roof Walkway Pads

Roof Walkway Pads offered by Fix My Roof. This product provides safe walkways in high traffic areas of residential, commercial and industrial roofing systems. Compatible with nearly every roofing system, these Walkway Pads offers many advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Porous, to prevent damming or ponding
  • Allows even moisture evaporation from beneath the walkway system to retard algae growth
  • Resistant to wind uplift
  • UV stabilized and resistant to environmental and chemical degradation
  • Does not leach plasticizer
  • Not affected by asphalt or coal tar pitch

Composition and Materials

These Walkway Pads are heat and pressure bonded, nonwoven pad, made of spaghetti-like strands of flexible plastic. These Walkway Pads have a nominal thickness of 5/16″ and are manufactured using only virgin raw materials.

Durability and Performance

These Walkway Pads maintain superior physical properties over a wide temperature range of -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C). They are suitable for exposure to seawater, chlorinated water, caustic soda, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sulfuric acid, tributyl phosphate and have superior weatherability. Yellow Spaghetti® exhibits excellent resistance to plasticizer migration and is recommended for contact with plasticized vinyl membranes.


Yellow is popular when safety is paramount; the yellow is clearly visible and highly desired for commercial and industrial applications. A more subtle grey is also available and generally preferred for residential applications.