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What Is the Most Common Type of Roof to Develop a Leak?

A leaky roof may prove to be a far more serious concern than many property owners realize. Choosing to ignore the leak or failing to spot the signs of a problem in time can drastically increase both the scope and scale of damages. While older roofing and poorly constructed installations are more likely to develop a leak, certain types of roof may require roof repair and maintenance more frequently than others. Calling in the professionals at the first sign of a leak helps to ensure that repair costs are less likely to get out of hand.

Flat Roofs

The angle of a roof is referred to as its pitch. A flat roof is one that has no pitch and while this style of roof is mostly found in commercial buildings and industrial structures, there are some residential properties that feature a flat roof. Lacking a slop to channel water means that drainage can become an issue, one that may require professional roof repair services in order to address. Water that has collected and pooled atop a flat roof may begin to saturate and damage roofing materials until, over time, a leak begins to develop.

Shed Roofs

Similar to flat roofs, a shed-style roof utilizes only a single angle of slope and will often have a very shallow pitch. Commonly used when constructing a shed or other outdoor structure, these type of roof is occasionally used in home and residential construction. Limiting the flow of runoff can lead to problems with drainage that may eventually create a leak in the roof. Properties that make use of a shed-type roof may require more frequent roof repair and maintenance services as a result.

Older Roofs

Even the most durable roofing materials and the best constructed installations may begin to suffer from the wear and tear of old age. Older homes are far more likely to develop a leak or other type of roofing problem and property owners may need to arrange an inspection or assessment in order to determine the overall state of their roof. Roof repair is often an important part of many home renovation efforts and upgrades, especially when it comes to maximizing the market value of an older home or an investment property that has been neglected or allowed to fall into disrepair.

Damaged Roofs

Roofing materials are made to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements but the amount of force needed to damage an installation is often much less than many homeowners might expect. A hail storm, falling tree branch or even heavy accumulations of snow or leaves that have become saturated with water can all damage a roofing installation to the point where a leak may develop. Having to arrange for professional roof repair services following a storm is very common, especially in locations and regions that are known for their turbulent weather. Hailstorms and other weather events that may damage the roof may be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy which means that property owners may be able to arrange for repairs or even a roof replacement without having to pay out of pocket.

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