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Why Are Roof Shingles Like Sandpaper?

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Roof shingles have a strong resemblance to sandpaper. Have you ever wondered why?

Roof shingles are fabricated with a sandpaper-like surface so it can protect you against all external elements. These shingles drive back rainwater, deter ice/snow accumulation, provide fire resistance and shield the surface against dangerous UV rays. Roof shingles safeguard your roof completely. These shingles even regulate your temperatures and keep the indoor environment cozy, regardless of the weather outside.

Asphalt Roof Shingles are Widely Preferred

Being a homeowner, you should know how your home’s roof was constructed. Among all the roof shingles available today, asphalt shingles are common on homes with pitched roofs in wetter areas of the country because they are relatively cheaper.

The Durability of Roof Shingles

The 3-tab asphalt shingles sold in the United States have granules adhered onto their surface to better protect them against harmful UV rays and other external elements. These granules may appear to be useless but they actually play a major role in ensuring your roofing system durability. These offer great protection to both roof and house.

One way you can further increase the life of asphalt shingles on your home’s roof is by overlapping the pieces. Each piece is adhered to the roof using 3 or more nails. This can be further strengthened by using adhesives that seal nail penetration.

The top level is where the adhesive strip will overlap and the same pattern will be followed to cover the entire roof. The adhesive tar melts and further solidifies the roofing system as sunlight heats the surface of the roof. Little things often make the biggest difference and these granules on your roof shingles illustrate this saying quite well.

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