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Important Facts and Figures about a Tar and Gravel Roof

Tar and gravel roof is one of the most preferred choices of homeowners. It protects your home against external elements such as rain, winds, heat, and snow. It is suitable for flat roofs and is installed by applying multiple layers of tar-paper, saturated with asphalt. The sheets are then covered with a coat of hot asphalt and gravel to enhance its durability.

  • Water-Proof Surface

A tar and gravel roof is extremely durable and can withstand heavy rains and harsh weather conditions. It is made of a water-proof material that keeps it in optimal condition for decades. Make sure you hire professional services for its regular maintenance. It will keep the roof in a good condition for longer and protect your home from weather calamities.

  • Low Costs

Tar and gravel flat roofs are one of the most cost-effective roofing solutions. Aside from its low installation costs, the roofing material does not require frequent repairs or replacement. Therefore, you can save money in the long run.

  • Durability

A tar and gravel roof has a life expectancy of about 20 to 25 years. After that, its performance starts getting affected. However, you can further increase its lifespan with regular maintenance. Get in touch with an experienced roofing contractor to repair any damages. Do not delay repairs, since it will only affect its performance.

The material provides efficient resistance against weather and regulates the temperature inside your home. Gravel coating reflects sunrays and provides protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. The material does not absorb sunlight which helps you keep your home cool during hot summers.

A tar and gravel roof is less prone to wear and tear and doesn’t get damaged easily. You may create holes in roofing materials by wearing pointed shoes and sandals. However, a tar and gravel roof is quite tough and can sustain even if you aren’t careful. Multiple layers of bitumen and rocks keep the surface safe from potential damages.

  • Easy Installation

As compared to many other roofing materials, the installation of tar and gravel roof is relatively easy. It won’t take long for a professional roof contractor to install the roof. Despite its easy installation, it isn’t recommended to install the roof on your own. Roofing involves various risks. It should be left to professionals, as they can carry out the job efficiently without any risks.

  • Energy Efficiency

A tar and gravel roof is also referred to as BUR or Conventional Built-Up roofing. It helps in regulating the temperature in your home and reduces energy consumption. During summers, it can reduce the temperature by 8-10 degrees, so your cooling system won’t have to work for long. Similarly, it provides protection from winds and snow during winters, and you’ll also notice a significant decrease in your electricity consumption.

Tips to Maintain Built-up Roofs

Here are some tips for effective maintenance of tar and gravel roofs:

  • Get it inspected every year.
  • Address roofing issues at your earliest.
  • Regularly clean the roof.
  • Hire professional services for installation and maintenance of roof.