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How Many Layers of Roof Can You Add to a Flat Roof?

For many people, adding a new roof can be very complicated when considering the business of day to day life. Along with the tendency to have a lack of time, it can be a burden for some people to tear off a roof completely and replace it entirely. As a result, you may consider questioning exactly how many layers of roof can be added to an already existing flat roof.

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Depending on the product of roofing that the flat roof currently contains, the roof can have a specific number of layers. Roof products with steep slopes such as metal, slate, tile, and shakes may only be able to have one layer without becoming a problem. Asphalt shingles are able to have one more layer of roof added on top of the initial roof, making a total of two layers of roof. EPDM roofing and TPO roofing are also known to be able to typically maintain two layers of roof without causing problems.

Every roof can be different in certain ways. Depending on the current material of the roof which is currently being used, it may be wise to consider either a layer of EPDM or TPO, which are both known to be very durable for flat roofs. Depending on the amount of layers already on the roof, you may need to consider tearing old layers off in order to assure the durability of the roof and prevent it from being a vast problem. Adding more weight to the roof by adding unnecessary layers can be detrimental to the structure of the building and can be dangerous for current residents who reside under the roof.

If there is noticeable damage that can currently be observed on top of the topmost layer of the flat roof or under the foundation of the flat roof, it would be a good decision for you to conduct a tear-off of the present flat roof and install a replacement to prevent detrimental damage to the structure of the building. However, a replacement can be very costly, which is why you need to be aware in regard to the observation of the current condition of the flat roof and its foundation. If the roof seems to be good and solid throughout its base and layers, there is no need for a replacement and an layer of EPDM, TPO, or asphalt roofing should be strongly considered in order to maximize the stability of the roof.

Overall, the amount of layers that can be added to flat roofs depends on the initial layer of roofing. It is advisable to only add layers of roofing when necessary, as excessive layers are known to cause issues in the foundation of the roofing and lead to water damage, especially when weight from precipitation is added to the roof. It is also advisable to value the condition of the current layer of roof when making a decision to add a layer.

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