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Top 4 Cheapest Roofing Options

If you are on the lookout for a roofing system, you’re likely to find numerous types of roofs on the market. With so many kinds of roofing options, it is undoubtedly hard to choose the right one.

Most homeowners prefer to go for a durable, yet affordable, roofing system. If you have the same priority, then read this article.

Here, we have listed down the cheapest roofing options every interested buyer with a tight budget can consider.

1. Metal

Metal roofs are  one of the most affordable roofing materials out there. Affordability is a common reason why many households have metal roofing.

Initially, when metal roofs were new, they were extremely high-priced. Because most of them were constructed from lead, copper, and zinc. Today, most of the metal roofs are made from galvanized steel, which makes them a cheap roofing option.

You can easily purchase metal roofs for $6 per square foot, depending on the type of metal you are investing in. One of the best advantages of metal roofing is the fact it is easy and quick to install. You will also find metal roofs in areas prone to hurricanes and storms. Metal roofs are capable of protecting the home from strong winds and heavy rainfall.

2. Asphalt

Out of all the affordable roofing materials, asphalt is the cheapest one. It will cost you around $1 per square foot for the shingles, making it the number one choice for homeowners on a budget. You can easily find asphalt roofs in both organic and non-organic style.Asphalt roofs also come in a wide array of long-lasting colors.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Cheap roofing materials can get damaged by strong winds and ice. Depending on where you live the cheapest option in the short-term may not be in your best long-term interest.

3. Wood

Wood is also a type of popular cheap roofing material among homeowners. Besides being one of the most affordable roofing materials, wooden roofs are durable too. But the benefits don’t stop there!

Owing to their red cedar material, wooden roofs are hard to decay over time. The solid red cedar also makes the roof highly resistant to various elements and pests (such as bugs and insects).

Wooden roofs typically come in two main types – cedar shingles and shakes. Experts suggest the best type of wood for roofs are shakes. Although this type of wooden roof has started to become pricey, it is still affordable compared to the other kinds of roofing materials.

4. Clay

Once it is installed, clay roofing looks stunning!

Clay roofs look elegant and expensive, but they are actually pretty affordable. Just like wooden roofing, clay roofs are resistant to mold and hard to decay. It will also be difficult for pests to penetrate these roofs and damage their quality.

These are the cheapest roofing options too good to not invest in! As you’re considering your roofing materials, check out the most common roof problems you should know about here

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