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Roof Restoration

According to the National Roof Council, 85% of roofs that are replaced and disposed of in landfills do not need to be torn off. They can be successfully restored with Fix My Roof’s Liquid-Applied Silicone Membrane IntegriGuard. As flat roof specialists, Fix My Roof has developed their proprietary Silicone Membrane IntegriGuard to protect buildings from water damage and UV deterioration & save homeowners and business owners money by improving energy efficiency and eliminating maintenance costs.

Whether your roof is currently leaking or you’d like to restore your roof before it fails, Fix My Roof is the right choice. Fix My Roof’s secret to success in restoring aging roofs is the result of three key factors: Superior Materials, Superior Workmanship, and Superior Warranties. Below are videos and descriptions of how those three factors allow Fix My Roof to lead the flat roof industry with its cutting edge 21st century technology.

Superior Materials

Fix My Roof – Superior Materials

Fix My Roof’s approach to roofing starts with superior environmentally-friendly materials uniquely suited for New Mexico’s harsh and volatile climate. While traditional roofing deteriorates prematurely from exposure to moisture and UV, Fix My Roof’s Silicone Membranes have a 53-year history of successfully restoring residential, commercial and government roofs. Our Silicone Membranes are seamless,100% UV Stable, and withstand the winter’s extreme freeze/thaw cycles.

All roofs are not created equal! Fix My Roof’s Silicone Membrane was specifically designed for flat roofs located in New Mexico’s extreme weather zones. Fix My Roof’s Silicone Membrane will provide decades of dependable waterproofing, while lowering internal temperatures and reducing cooling costs. Fix My Roof’s Silicone Membrane is the most UV resistant roof available. Tested and certified to meet Cool Roof Rating Council and EPA guidelines for Energy Star compliance.

Superior Workmanship

Fix My Roof – Superior Workmanship

Fix My Roof’s superior workmanship is the result of ongoing research and development, rigorous quality control measures, and our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers.

Our certified installers are friendly, reliable and professional. We understand that little things matter. We are quiet, courteous, and efficient. We are on time and stay in constant communication with our customers throughout the process.

The end result of our quality is that you never have to worry about your roof again!

Superior Warranty

Fix My Roof – Superior Warranty

A roof is only as good as its warranty. And in the roofing industry, no two warranties are identical, so it can be challenging to compare one company’s warranty against another.

Yes, we warranty our materials. Yes, we warranty our workmanship. AND we offer something nobody else does – a Warranty backed by our Signature 10-Year Care & Maintenance Plan.

Every year we inspect all our roofs and perform corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance. Nobody else does that! It’s the best warranty in the business. From our first day in business, this benefit has been one of our most popular features by both residential homeowners and commercial property managers.