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7 steps that you should follow for selecting a roof replacement company

One of the biggest hurdles for a homeowner is finding a dependable and trustworthy roof replacement company when the need arises. The situation is tough, particularly in the aftermath of a severe storm. The house is unprotected and the decision needs to be taken quickly so that normal life can resume. However, there are things you can do to ensure that the company you select is trustworthy.

Here are 7 steps you should follow.

Local referrals

Choosing a local replacement company is a safer option. Local companies will be familiar with the applicable building codes and local regulations. They are also likely to have relationships with local building material suppliers and hardware dealers. Moreover, local roofing companies would be more careful as well, as their reputation would be at stake.


A well-established company is bound to have experienced working crews. Usually, companies that have been around, have personnel who are always willing to communicate whenever there are questions. Their process streamlined, and hence they update you along every step.

Recommended by manufacturers

Roof replacement companies that are recommended by the manufacturers of roofing materials are quite trustworthy. Roof replacement companies have to pass through stringent requirements before they gain that approval from the manufacturing company.

Ratings at Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Contractors become particularly active after a storm has hit the area. This is not surprising; you don’t need to have your roof replaced all the time. Contractors that have Better Business Bureau (‘BBB’) accreditation can be trusted. If they have an excellent rating, that’s even better. It’s usually better to avoid contractors that are not registered with the BBB.

Product and Installation Warranty

It is best to get a warranty that covers installation as well as product warranty. There are a few roof replacement companies that are able to offer this; usually, the warranty only covers the products. If a company incorrectly installs your roof, the damage shows up after years, and by then you will not have any recourse to the company or insurance.

Licensed and insured

Well established roof replacement companies have insurance policies for all their workers and subcontractors. You should ensure that this is so because inadequate insurance has the potential to go into litigation between the company and you, should one of the workers be injured while working on your roof. Most roofing companies require state licensing; however, there are companies that still attempt to get roofing work. Check your state laws to see if roofing companies are to be licensed. If so, then ask your company to provide evidence of their license.

Watch out for over-insistent contractors

Be wary of roofing companies that insist on you signing a contract prior to the assessment by your insurance company. There are roofing companies that may try to reassure you that they would be willing to work with whatever amount your insurance company quotes. However, you need to make sure that the amount is right. The roofing company should carefully check for anything that your insurer might have missed.