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10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

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Before proceeding with any big job, you need to conduct proper research, look at your options, write down the pros/cons and then make a decision on what to do next. For homeowners, these steps are extremely important no matter what they are doing. The biggest obstacle many homeowners face is how to choose the right roofing contractor. Don’t go hiring the first one you have a meeting with. While service price is one of the biggest deciding factors, you shouldn’t base your decision on it. Experience matters too!

Finding an honest, trustworthy and professional contractor might sound difficult but there are a few tricks to hunt down reputable roofers. The following are ten tips allowing you to choose the right roofing contractor for the job:

Get Referrals

You are probably going to be looking for a roofing contractor in your local area, right? The referrals you will get from your neighbors guarantee you will not be scammed. Since these contractors are familiar with local code regulations, you can count on them to do a legit job.

Always Go With Certified Roofers

A roofer’s badge of honor is the certificate he gets, which makes him an official roofer. These people know their way around the roof, are familiar with all roofing concepts, and you can rely on them to do good job.

Is the Roofer on BBB?

BBB ratings allow you to find out about the quality of service a roofing company delivers. If the company has a good score, then you can choose them as your contractor.

Get Warranty

Let’s assume the roofer messed up the job and after 3 years, the damage started showing. This will not be covered under insurance and if you didn’t get warranty for the contractor’s workmanship, you will have to pay for the repair out of your own pocket. Ask the contractor for an extensive warranty.  This covers you, if in the near future, the roof starts showing signs of shoddy work, you can demand the roofers to redo the job.

Take Safety Measures

A certified contractor is also trained for a safety program, which allows them to take extreme precaution where necessary when working. Scammers might try to sue you for liability if harm comes to them on your property.

Ask for a Copy of their License

Before allowing the contractor and his employees to work for you, ask for their license. This will give you a peace of mind that they are working under established guidelines.

Pay Your Insurance Deductible

If a contractor starts working on a repair without asking for the deductible, then he is making you a partner in insurance fraud. Make sure the deductible is included in the quote. If you need help interpreting different roofing quotes, we’ve written about that here.

Do Not Hand Over Your Insurance Claim to the Contractor

Often people are confused on how to pick a good roofer. If the contractor suggests he can handle insurance on your behalf then do not hire him. This is illegal and can get you into trouble.

Do Not Start the Work Until the Damage Has Been Estimated

Without the final word from the insurance company, you will be blindly walking into a contract. The cost of fixing the roof can go really high!

Voice Your Choices

A contractor offering you choices is the one who is working in your best interest. Never go with someone who pressures you into making a specific choice.

So, now you know how reputable roofers operate! If you follow these tips, you will be an informed consumer which is exactly what we want you to be.