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Why Does My Metal Roof Leak?

There are some roofing products available working to improve the durability, strength, and performance of your metal roof. However, this does not mean metal roofs can never leak. Here are some common reasons why you may notice a leak in your metal roof:

1. Metal roofing screws

Majority of roofing leaks occur because of roofing screws. By compressing a rubber washer, they tend to seal water out at the bottom of the screw head. When the screw drives into a metal roofing panel, the washer creates a ‘gasket’ between the screw head and the roofing panel.

The procedure may sound simple but there are things to watch out for, such as screws missing the framing member, driving screws at the wrong angle, under driving screws, and overdriving screws.

Let’s say the screws were installed correctly – great! It doesn’t mean the rubber washer is completely secure. Harsh winters come after scorching hot summers, and both are bad for the washer. This makes the screws drop their seal and degrade, making it difficult to identify which screw is causing the leak problem.

2. Stack flashings

The area around the roof’s stack flashings is another spot highly prone to leaks. The stack flashings are the ‘boots’ surrounding pipes emerging from the metal roof.

Plumbing pipes, air vents, and the HVAC vents all have to get through the metal roof. The pipe is water-proofed because of the stack flashings. Most of these flashings are rubber or similar material laying flat on the metal roofs and create a seal while squeezing around the pipes to add another protective barrier.

Rubber flashings can also degrade from being exposed to the sun and will last only about half the life of the metal roof.  In order to keep your structure dry, consider replacing degraded or faulty stack flashings.

3.  Missing sealants

Metal roof sealants seldom last for as long as the roofing panels do. They need to be replaced along with regular roof maintenance. All sealants under trims such as around roof transitions, counter flashings, reglets, and pitch pans will all require replacement as they wear.

You should only use a roof sealant exclusively made for metal roofing because other types of silicone caulking may fail to adhere to the paint on your roof.

4. Curb Flashings

Installing metal roof panels is relatively easy but the actual thing testing the strength of a roof are the flashings.

The uphill region of the curbs, and both the upper corners of the flashing, are complex areas. This is especially true for larger HVAC units. This is where water stops and gathers behind the flashing, which ultimately results in erosion and leakages.

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