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The Most Common Roof Problems

If you’re constantly calling someone for roof repair even when you spent a lot of money on installation then you’re probably facing the following common roof problems. Have a look at them and see if one of these is a likely culprit:

Poor Maintenance

If you think installing the roof was all you need to worry about, think again. Maintenance is the next important step. If your roof doesn’t receive proper maintenance then it’ll become a damaged wreck very soon.

Signs like large peering holes, sagging, and mildew are clear indications your roof hasn’t been checked for a really long time. Get in touch with a contractor at least once a year to make sure the roof is secure and safe.

Many problems like dirty, clogged gutters and tree limbs on the roof start out small and can become a bigger mess if not dealt with. Your roof may need coating and filling, and if it’s done on time this can save you from greater damage in the future.


Roof leakage is the most common problem people often overlook. Weak plasters, absence of double coatings, and weather damage can cause roof leaks. Your roof is like a lid over a container. If it starts leaking, it has forgone its most basic purpose.

If you do spot any visible leakages or hear water dripping from the ceiling, then immediately call your roof supplier for repair, otherwise the leaks can lead to huge cracks.

Faulty Installation

While all the other problems happen to an existing roof, sometimes, improper installation can also be the culprit. Watch out for roof scams. Some contractors may perform poor repair work or install low-quality roof materials for quick money.


You’d think moisture would be a problem only if there was a leakage in the roof. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, moisture can build up causing nasty molds and mildew to fest over the roof. It will eventually start rotting and by the time the problem becomes visible, the roof will have already suffered from great damage.

Rain or Storm Damage

Severe weather conditions bringing heavy rains, hail storms, and lightning can lead to broken tree limbs landing on your roof. In worst cases, the heavy objects cause cracks in the roof.

A heavy windstorm can strip off the roof shingles and if not fixed in time, it may encourage mold growth, and destroy the interior insulation. You should get some insurance for this particular purpose so you’re not paying for weather damage from your own pocket.


Roof shrinkages happen when the membranes protecting the roofing materials start to strip off. The purpose of these membranes is to safeguard the roof from extreme temperatures and damage cause by hefty objects.

Some reasons why the roof membrane shrinks is poor manufacturing of the material and an absence of venting. It can lead to tears and ridges on the roof, which can be quite costly to get repaired.

Now you know the likely problems with your roof.  If you’re suspicious of the health of your roof, it’s worth the time to get it looked at by a trusted contractor.

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