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The Importance of a Roof Warranty and Maintenance Plan

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When investing in a new roof it is important to ensure its longevity. This includes making sure it has a good warranty and maintenance plan.

The wind alone can begin to wear away your roof in just a matter of years. However, regular roof maintenance inspections help you stay on top of roof repairs by pinpointing many issues like wind damage early so they can be properly repaired before they become bigger pains later.

Furthermore, there are many case studies involving problem roofing jobs, which almost always end up with the homeowner having to shell out big bucks for new materials and repairs.

In fact, a roof warranty is important for various reasons, including:

It Covers Workmanship

Once your new roof is installed, many issues can occur with the roof including leaks and loose, missing, or broken shingles or tiles — this can occur with even the most experienced roofing companies. When this happens, it can lead to out of pocket costs for the homeowner.

However, a roof warranty from Fix My Roof ensures your roof repairs are covered for 10 years.

It Covers Material Defects

Occasionally, roofing materials are defective from the manufacturer, which can result in a breakdown of the roofing materials before their time.

Provided the homeowner has a roof warranty, and he or she has properly cared for the roof according to the terms of the agreement, the manufacturer will cover the replacement of the roofing materials for up to 20 years or more, depending on the warranty.

Understand the Terms of the Warranty

There are different types of roof warranties. However. In general, they provide a written formal agreement on the quality installation of the roof as well as the manufacturer’s responsibility to replace defective materials, provided the homeowner adheres to the terms of the agreement.

The coverage exclusions included in the roof warranty also differ between the manufacturer and the contractor, so be sure to read the fine print.

Overall, your roof is nothing to play with. After all, it makes all the difference between a sound, cozy home and a leaky one, so be sure to take the necessary actions to ensure the best results, including obtaining a roof warranty to cover defective installation and materials as well as a maintenance plan, which will help save money in costly repairs in the long run.

We value our customers, and we demonstrate that through our warranty program.