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How Animals Damage Roofs

Have you seen any damage on your roof lately? Holes, cracks, asphalt shifting from one place to another? Well, the latter might be due to wind but there’s one more thing you might not have thought about: animals.

Usually, animals make their nest either on the roof or in the attic. They are the reason why you hear pitter patter sounds at night from the ceiling. These little critters run back and forth, collecting things for their nest and destroying the foundation of the roof.

Animals Causing Roof Damage

If you have plants climbing on your trellis, then there’s a possibility this is the path for these animals to climb up to the roof and into the attic. Animals love cozy and dark places, which makes the attic the perfect area for them.

Animals you should look out for include:

  • Mice
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Possums

No matter how securely you weather-proof the roof, there’s always a chance these animals will burrow holes to enter the attic or squeeze their way through nooks and crannies.

How Animals Enter the Attic

Animals enter attics through soffits. Soffit is the underside structure of the rooftop protruding out. The animals tear the material from underneath just enough, so they can squeeze inside. If your roof has a loose shingles, this gives them just enough space to dig through the rotting wood. Then there are the vents and fans attracting them with warmth and the promise of a dry nesting place.

Once a hole is created, no matter how small it is, different sized animals widen it to their preference and enter through it. This creates a big problem because the hole now gives access to rain, which can cause structural damage to the walls and floor. It starts small but by the time you see the damage seeping into the walls, it’s too late.

A few telltale signs of these animals are bunches of twigs resting in a corner, rat droppings, squeaky sounds, wiring that has been gnawed on and scratched wood surfaces. These animals can move from the attic and into your house, in search of food. If by accident, an animal die in the attic, you might be looking at a nasty case of infestation.

Preventative Techniques

First things first, trim all the tree branches and remove the plant climbing up the trellis. Clean the gutters and install a thick mesh shield on it, one these animals can’t gnaw through. Look for droppings and nesting material and lay down a trail off food to find their entrance spot. Finally, call a roofer and pest control to take care of the problem if you find any.

It’s important to do regular roof maintenance and sweep the attic at least twice a week to make sure nothing is living there. If you are too late in spotting the signs, then you are looking at thousands of dollars repairs. So it’s best to consciously take the steps to keep the animals away from your roof.

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