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Fall Roof Care Tips

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Northern New Mexico can have distinct weather patterns, from high winds to scorching heat. All of these can impact your home’s flat roof. Prioritizing its care is the best way to protect the property as a whole. Take a look at these fall roof care tips that can extend the life of the materials. Both homeowners and professionals can take part in these clever examinations.

1. Examine the Surface for Damages

One of the perks of owning a flat roof is having some access to the surface without the danger of a pitched roof. In the morning, venture up before the day’s heat sets in. Take a close look at the materials that cover the roof. They should be strong and free from any tears. Most flat roofs have a type of membrane that covers them. This membrane is the main barrier between the structure and weathering damage.

If you notice any damage, make a mental note of the locations. Minor issues can lead to bigger problems in the future.

2. Call in the Professionals

The majority of people contact roofing professionals before or after storms. You can avoid premium charges and limited appointment times by calling for an annual inspection. Professional roofers will walk the entire rooftop, verify any problems and offer you a quote. You can complete any repairs well before the busy season arrives. Unless there’s an unusual weather event, the roof should be healthy enough to last until next year’s inspection.

3. Keeping up With Drainage

It’s not unheard of to experience a rainstorm in Northern New Mexico. Because your rooftop has a flat surface, drainage might be an issue as the materials decline over the years. After the rain has dissipated, take a look at the surface. There should be steady drainage from the roof, into the gutters or canales and onto the ground. If any water pools for long periods of time on the rooftop, the professionals should be called in for repairs. Allowing any water to remain standing will cause an accelerated decline on the rooftop that might lead to leaks into the upper interior spaces.

4. Trimming Nearby Trees

You might enjoy those trees that surround your yard because they cool off the immediate area. However, any overhanging branches across the rooftop can cause excessive wear. Leaves, sap and twigs will harm the rooftop.

Be sure to trim the trees or hire a service to complete the work. The rooftop won’t take on any more damage from overhanging branches.

If a particularly strong storm has just moved through the area, don’t hesitate to call the professionals for an impromptu inspection. Changes across the rooftop are possible in these cases. Catch any damages early on, and the roof will continue to protect the home from New Mexico’s extreme climate.

For any questions or more tips, reach out to us! We are here for you.