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Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

It may only be August, but winter weather is just around the corner. Is your checklist ready? Coats and scarves – check! Snow chains for your car – check! Warm boots – check! Roof inspection – oh, we still have time for that.

Yeah, that should not be your answer here. Even though winter is a few months away, it is better to prepare for its harsh arrival. You should be sure if our roof can take the harsh winds, the snowfall, and the rain that comes with winter.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairing

Even if there are no signs, you should get ret your roof inspected anyway. But these signs are a surefire indication that your roof needs to be inspected right away.
• Unusual sounds
• Roof leaks
• Drooping or bending
• Shingle granules
• Dampness
• Missing, leaning, or cracking mortar

Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

Here are a few reasons why you should get your roofs inspected before winter hits your town:

1. It can Cost You More Money to Avoid it

If you know there’s a problem, you might end up paying double of what you would pay now if you delay the problem. Instead of dipping in your savings to make a costly repair, get it inspected now to make sure the problem does not accelerate. Conditions like rain, harsh winds, and snow can worsen the damage. The faster you fix it, the less it will cost you.

2. Spot Hidden Issues

Out of sight, out of mind! That is not a philosophy you should live by, especially when it comes to your roof. It may be out of sight and mind now, but when winter rolls in this will be a constant worry for you. So why not beat the clock and fix it before?
Issues like minor leaks and broken shingles may seem like small problems now, but if ignored can turn into much bigger ones. These hidden repairs will save you money and time in the future. Not to mention will provide you with peace of mind.

3. It can Lead to Accidents

If you wait for the winter to roll around and make the repairs then, god forbid there could be an accident. The snow or the rain on the roof can cause you or your repair-man to lose footing and slip. The fall can cause a lot of damage. So it is better to get it inspected in the warm and dry spring.

4. Welcome Winter With Open Arms

You can’t survive the winter winds with a leaky roof. That is no way to welcome a new season. You need to be free from the worries about your roof when you have had it inspected beforehand.
The summer heat can damage your roof as well. Make sure you have it inspected for any major or minor issues to avoid a major breakdown. Safety first!