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7 Roof Maintenance Tips

The Roof of a house can be regarded as the most important part of the structure as it helps insulate your home against harsh weather conditions. With the passage of time, even the toughest roofs start deteriorating. Strong winds, heavy rains, excessive snowfall, strong sunlight, all such factors work against your roof. Thus, you should give special attention to your roof, to maintain its proper condition. You may feel that only an expert roofer can help you properly maintain your roof but many small maintenances can be done without the help of a professional. Here are some tips on Roof maintenance:

Clean the Gutters

This is the first step of roof maintenance. Timely gutter cleaning of the roof ensures that water is properly drained off. If debris stays along your roofline, its moisture will damage the shingle, insulation, and wooden frame.

Remove Leaves

If your roof is slanted then most probably leaves would fall off, but at times they do tend to get stuck at some places. During rainy seasons they trap moisture and cause damage to your roof. Thus, the first step when you start your roof maintenance should be to remove all the leaves from the roof.

Cut down Overhanging Branches

If there are trees nearby your house, the branches damage your roof’s shingles. During your routine roof maintenance, cut all the branches of trees that may come in contact with the shingles

Shingle Repair

During your maintenance, you are likely to find some shingles broken off from the roofing structure. This is common as they tend to shift and come loose due to strong winds and the passage of time. Find the places where shingles got stripped off and install new shingles in their place.

Get rid of Moss

Moss often times grows in the roof and damages the structure intensively. Specific humidity and temperature conditions cause mold growth and sometimes it remains undetectable and keeps spreading throughout the wooden frame of the roof’s structure. If you observe the moss growing in your roof, do not start scraping it off by brush. Unprofessional removal of moss can damage the granules of the shingles by which you will cause additional damage. If you notice mold or moss growth, your best option is to call a professional.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams refer to ice freezing on your roof’s outer boundary not letting the water behind it to flow down. In these circumstances, the water freezes up to shingles and gets beneath them. If ice dams are not removed, they can cause major damage to your roof. To avoid costly repairs later, give special attention to the roof during cold weathers.

Flashing filling

Sometimes problems arise in the flashing where two parts of the roof are joining. Look for cracks in the flashing, clean them regularly, remove all the dirt and apply roofing cement to fill the cracks.

These are the most important roof maintenance tips that you should undertake to protect the life of your roof. You can find more advice on roof maintenance and roof replacements on our website.