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5 Ways to Seal Your Roof Penetrations

Tracking down a leak in your roof can be a difficult job. However, it is important that you fix the leak to stop water from running down your walls. These small leaks can cause bigger problems for you by damaging your ceilings and destroying all the insulation.

So, if you are irritated of the rainwater dropping constantly over your head through your roof, it is high time you get this problem fixed. Here are five ways to seal your roof penetrations.

  1. Track Down The Leak

Immediately start looking for penetrations in your roof as soon as you spot water stains running down your walls. The most common cause of these leaks are items that are penetrating the roof such as roof vents, chimneys, and more. Observe closely and look for evidence such as black marks, stains, or mold. The best way to do so is by access your attic to track down the leak by examining the inside of the roof thoroughly. Be sure to bring a torch or light with you so you can see in dark areas.

Another way to inspect for leaks is by asking someone to help you by staying inside the house while you go up on the roof. Using a garden hose you can soak down areas where you think the leak is. Meanwhile, your helper inside the house can watch the area and identify the exact point from where the water starts dripping. Keep the water running over the area until the leak or leaks are all spotted.

  1. If It Is A Small Leak

Small leaks can be misleading and difficult to locate. The water can enter in one area but run down and collect in a different place causing you to believe the leak is elsewhere. The best route to take to pinpoint these leaks is to check between the drywall and the attic insulation. There you will find a plastic vapor barrier on your ceiling, check for water stains on the plastic by pushing the insulation aside so you can see the plastic sheeting clearly.

  1. Fix A Plumbing Vent Boot

Plumbing vent boots can be made of plastic or metal. Plastic bases must be checked for cracks while metal bases must be checked for broken seams. If a fault is found, the boot must be replaced immediately.

  1. Fix Small Holes

Tiny holes are dangerous for your roof because these can rot and cause other damage before making the leak more apparent. These holes are caused by a number of things, including antenna brackets or satellite dishes. Make sure you seal the holes and take out any misplaced nails around. We recommend you fix these holes with flashing.

  1. Leaks Around Brick Chimneys

Brick chimneys can be subject to an array of problems. Adding flashing around the chimney is not recommended due to the high temperatures the chimney gives off. However, what you can do is add new flashing under the old which will create a barrier and divert any water seeping through it.

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