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Rainy Season is Coming. Is Your Roof Ready?

We all love the moisture in the air and the gray hues of the sky, we can’t get enough of the rainy season. During the monsoon season, people absolutely enjoy relaxing by the window and witness the gentle rain pouring down. Many throw back their curtains and sit on the porch when a rain storm passes through, taking the beautiful scenery in.

It’s all lovely and soothing until you notice water dripping in the house. A beautiful rainy day instantly turns into a watery nightmare.

Generally the reason behind a leaky roof is lack of maintenance. You can easily avoid this dreadful situation by thoroughly inspecting your roof for some major signs of the roof damage.

How to Inspect for Roof Damage?

1.     Inspect the Roof for the Signs of Sagging and Aging

The first step that needs to be taken is scrutinizing your roof from the ground. A saggy and aged roof can be a clear sign that your roof is not well-maintained. Roofing lines are designed to be straight, not curved or drooping. If you see your roof droop, there is a possibility for the roof to collapse during the rain. Also, a roof that’s over the age of 20 years is typically in its last stages of life.

2.     Identify Areas with Moss, Algae, and Piles of Leaves

The absence of sunlight for a long period of time can cause fungi and bacteria to form on the roof. Moss and algae are notorious for causing costly leaks and water damage. Thus, their presence on the roof must be dealt with immediately.

3.     Look for Missing, Damaged, and Aged Shingles

Shingles can easily become damaged by strong winds and hail. If you see shingles on the ground below your roof, it is a clear sign there is damage. Also, the frequent storms can make the protective granules that cover the shingles to become vulnerable which can lead to the shingles getting extensively damaged.

4.     Check Flashings on the Roof

Flashings are the metal pieces in a roof that cover the interruptions in the roof plane, such as around dormers, chimneys, and vent pipes. A faulty flashing can let water easily enter the house, causing structural damage including the rotting of the interior walls.

These are the four major things that you should look for when checking your roof for any damage. If you have observed any of these signs, the best option is to hire the professional service of Fix My Roof and get your roof repaired as soon as possible.