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Our Family

Fix My Roof is a dedicated team of roofing professionals focused on providing the best roof solution in New Mexico. We pride ourselves on doing a great job on each roof replacement or new roof installation we do for each customer. We consider ourselves a family because we are dedicated to doing an amazing job on each roof for our customers and for each other. That is why we are so proud to introduce you to the Fix My Roof family featured here below.

Fix My Roof Leadership

John Grisak, President & Commercial/Government Sales Manager
Cell: +1 505 919 9366

John Grisak is a native New Mexican knowledgeable about all roofing types and systems. John was a large loss commercial insurance adjustor for 20+ years, which gave him intimate knowledge of why some roofs fail and others don’t. John is also Haag Engineering Roof Certified, and has been in real estate and construction his whole life. John is an avid animal lover, a collector of French Empire period antiques, and a huge supporter of local Santa Fe nonprofits. John also loves sailing, scuba diving, and is a retired skydiver.

Jerry McFadden, Operations Manager

505-919-8011 Extension 5

Jerry has held project management, quality and safety control, and training roles for public, private, and government entities for 30+ years. He is qualified by the military as an instructor, and is highly-detailed and efficient. Jerry is a music enthusiast with eclectic tastes. He also enjoys stone stacking as an art, discipline and hobby.

Andy Hutt, Residential Sales Manager

505-919-8011 Extension 3

A proud father of two boys, Andy enjoys the outdoors and working with his hands.  He is an avid gardener and is most happy with a big harvest of “SunSugar” tomatoes.  Andy has 25+ years in the construction business and is an advocate for sustainable building processes.  His simple way of communicating and easy going nature make him an ideal guide for helping folks with their roofing projects.

Roof Assessment Advisors

David Rulon

505-919-8011 Extension 4

David is a multi-skilled journeyman who now enjoys using his talents to assist clients in making the best decision for their biggest investment, their home. David’s 14 years as a New Mexico real estate agent give him unique insight into the importance of quality contractors. David has completely remodeled two homes of his own and knows first hand the interaction of all home systems depends on quality material and workmanship. Formerly a master mechanic on European cars, David now restores classic sports cars for a hobby. He is also a professional photographer and former clinical social worker.

Roof Technicians

  • Miguel Saldana
  • Cesar Lopez
  • Tito Garcia
  • Melvin Lopez
  • Anthony Jackson
  • Carlos Lopez
  • Mauricio Tobar