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How to Repair a Hole in a Metal Roof

Although metal roofs are durable and long-lasting, they still require regular maintenance and repair to reach their estimated life expectancy, which is about 30 years.

Unfortunately, not many people take care of their roofs, eventually forcing them to invest in metal roof repair. The most common roofing problem occurs due to the lack of maintenance is a hole!

People who have no idea about how to repair a hole in a metal roof should consider the following tips.

1. Clean the Area

There could be many reasons causing a hole in a metal roof, such as rust damage or a heavy object falling on the roof. Regardless of the reason behind the hole in your roof, the surrounding area will often be dirty and dusty.

Therefore, it is better to start by cleaning the area. Get your hands on a surface cleaner and start scrubbing and cleansing the space. Make sure to use a wire brush to clean the area where the patch will be installed.

2. Carefully Cut Repair Spot and Area

The next step involves cutting the sheet metal according to the broken part of the roof. Place the sheet metal patch next to the metal panel in such a way it overlaps with the broken part of the roof. Now cut the patch to an appropriate size. Don’t forget to cut the edges of the patch in a round shape with a file. This will prevent the corners from being sharp and edgy.

Once you have measured the patch and cut it properly, gently place it over the hole. Using a pencil, make an outline of the patch onto the metal roof. Remove the patch and examine the outline to ensure it overlaps near the edges of the broken area.

3. Installation of the Repair Patch

Apply the urethane sealant over the metal panel needing the patch. The sealant needs to be applied so there is no gap at the edges of the repair patch.

Now gently press the patch in its required place. As a result, the sealant will ooze out. If there is an edge not ooze out sealant, you need to apply some more sealant. The extra sealant is what will eliminate the gap to make sure nothing gets through.

4. Secure the Patch

The next step during the metal roof repair is securing the patch to the metal roof panel. Screws should be applied around the edges of the patch. In this way, the patch will stay secured under the roof panel. If you find any moisture dripping from the patch, use a putty knife to retool it. Once you have secured the patch, make sure you finish the metal roof repair task by painting the panel so it matches with the roof.

To learn more about metal roofs, we have you covered here (get it – we have you “covered”!).

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