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Top 4 Facts About Metal Roofing for Homes

As the name implies, metal roofing refers to a roofing system constructed from metal pieces. You may have come across a metal roof over shingles in various magazines and movies.

But have you ever thought about installing metal roof over shingles in your house? If you are planning to get metal roofing now, we would suggest you have a look at this article.

Here, we have listed down all the important facts related to a metal roof over shingles homeowners must know.

You Can Install Metal Roof Over Your Old Roof

You read that right!

You wouldn’t have to get rid of your existing roof in order to install a metal roof. This means you can easily install a metal roof over shingles. You wouldn’t need to tear off shingles, which is a relief! Removing shingles is a messy business. Plus, it can increase the overall cost of the job.

The build-up of water vapor over your existing shingles can be problematic. It can lead to the formation of mold and dirt. In order to avoid these issues, homeowners can consider the installation of a vented metal roof over shingles.

Doesn’t Attract Lightning

It makes sense to think metal roofing may attract lightning; but the good news is it doesn’t!

Your metal roof over shingles would act just like any other conventional roof. If, by any chance, your metal roofing does get lightning, there is nothing to worry about. Why? Because it is less combustible than other common kinds of roofs such as shake shingles.

Offers Warranty Like Other Conventional Roofs

There are plenty advantages of having a metal roof over shingles. First and foremost it’s durability. Installing metal roof over shingles will provide you with a warranty of 30 years or so. This is similar to the warranty of any conventional roofing system.

Many factors contribute to the longevity of a metal roof over shingles. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Metal roofing can extinguish a fire.
  • Insects can never feed on metal roofing.
  • The roof doesn’t rot away or get mildew easily.
  • As compared to other roofing systems, it is easier for the snow to glide by the metal roof.  

It’s Difficult to Modify Metal Roofing

After installing metal roof over shingles, it is next to impossible to replace or modify it. The giant sheets of metal roofing are hard to manufacture and manage. This is the reason why they are rare items, available to a few selected retailers. It is not easy material to handle or install unless you are a professional.

Metal roofing is a great option for those who want a modern look for their house. Before you consider metal roofing, make sure you have a good understanding of what it takes.

Once you do install a metal roof, we have an article to help you identify and prevent leaks here.