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How to Compare Roof Quotes

How to Compare Roof Quotes

Choosing the best roofing materials and a reputable roofer to protect your home can be overwhelming. In my experience, there are three primary factors that contribute to the end user’s roof cost: quality of materials, quality of the company, and quality of the warranty.

These are the steps we recommend everyone take to ensure they’re making the right decision for their specific circumstances.

The first step is to consider your goals. Do you want to stop existing leaks, increase home value, extend the roof’s life, improve energy efficiency, or something else? Only when your goals are clear can you accurately determine if a company, their materials, warranty, and certifications meet your goals.

Next, answer the following questions for each quote:

Materials: Do the materials qualify to meet your goals? Are the materials 100% UV stable? Do they withstand ponding water? Do the materials and their installation address the most common reasons for roof failure: seams, canals, penetrations, UV damage, etc. When comparing quotes, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. All roofs are not created equal! Read more about comparing roof types here.

Company: A company is only as good as their licenses, reputation, and referrals. Is the contractor licensed to work in New Mexico? Ask to see the following:

  • New Mexico CID license
  • Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance

Call the New Mexico Construction Industries Division (NMCID) at (505) 222-9815 to verify the license # is real. I can’t stress this enough. Asking for references is important because if a company can’t provide any, run! But no company will provide you with a bad reference, so checking online reviews should be an essential part of your selection process. Angie’s List is now free and a great source for online reviews.

Warranty: No two warranties are the same. Many New Mexico roofing warranties only cover materials, not labor. Are you required to purchase a maintenance plan to keep your warranty valid? When we started Fix My Roof, we implemented a No-Cost Maintenance Package with all of our roofs. Every year, we inspect and perform preventive and predictive maintenance on all of our roofs.

Learn More About the Fix My Roof Warranty Here

So what should you expect to pay? We have seen roof quotes that ranged from $3.00 – $14.00 per square foot. But unless you have extenuating circumstances, I’ve found the honest, reasonable cost for quality roof work to range between $5.50 and $7.50 per square foot. Quotes below this range are likely to be using insufficient or poor quality materials or are not properly licensed or insured. Quotes above this range are likely overcharging.

That being said, extenuating circumstances that can and will increase the cost per square foot include: 3+ roof layers, pumice, rotted decking, a water-damaged foam roof, distance from town, roofs less than 1,500 square feet, and emergency timelines.

Don’t wait until November to schedule your roof work. Every roofer in town will be booked solid because far too many people procrastinate and then want their roof done “right now”. Roofers with solid reputations are typically booked at least a week or two out; so plan ahead, and schedule your roof work before the monsoons hit and before the snow flies.

Thanks for educating yourself! We love talking with people who want to learn, so we hope to hear from you soon to schedule your Free Roof Assessment.