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Flat roofs are found on most government buildings around the State of New Mexico. Fix My Roof is your source for flat roof expertise. If you have questions regarding new roof installation, roof maintenance, roof patching, roof leaks or any other questions about flat roofs, you’ve come to the right place.

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We are more than roofers, we are the professional roofing company that provides the best flat solutions in New Mexico today. Our mission is to let facility managers and engineers never worry about their roofs again!

Flat Roofs are Fix My Roof’s specialty; we’re acutely attuned to the challenges that flat roofs present in the myriad of microclimates found throughout the state. If you’re searching for flat roof options for a local, state, or federal government agency, we would be glad to provide a free consultation to help you understand your options.

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Fix My Roof is the company to call for government procurement of  roofing services. From massive buildings with large square footage, to smaller older buildings with unique challenges, we are the company New Mexico government agencies call for their roof repairs.  The customer service we provide to our customers is the best.

Whether your primary needs revolve around  roof replacement, new roof installation, roof patching and repairs or troubleshooting roof leaks, Fix My Roof’s friendly, reliable, professional staff are standing by to assist you with determining the best course of action for your aging or failing flat roof.

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If you like what you see in our videos, call us at 505-919-8011 in Santa Fe, or 505-225-1249 in Albuquerque. We serve the entire states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. You can also call us toll free at 866-ROOFLUV to make an appointment for a FREE roof inspection and estimate.

Fix My Roof is a roofing company offering a full-slate of roofing services on government buildings with flat roofs. We are here to help you understand your options. Roof inspections, roof leak identification, roof patching, roof repairs, roof replacement, roof restoration, roof renovation. The needs of flat roofs are many. Let us be your go-to source for expert roof advice.

Call Fix My Roof today to learn how a new roof from us will extend the life of your government roof with IntegriGuard, our proprietary roof system. Our system is economically one of the best moves to make when it comes to capital improvements for your government building. Our roof system is faster to install, it will make your building cooler after the installation is complete, and there will be minimal interruption of the flow of workers using the property when installation is taking place. The energy savings created from your new roof will potentially pay for the cost of it over time.

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Fix My Roof’s professional roofing staff are ready to visit your government property to discuss your roofing needs. Our government consultations are FREE, unless you want or require our thermographic roof inspection service, which we offer for an affordable fee.

We provide roofing services for government buildings throughout New Mexico.

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