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Category Archives: Silicone Roofing

Why Silicone Membrane is the Best Roofing Material in 2018

Back in the day, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate, and wood shingles were commonly used to build commercial and residential roofs. But in 2018, silicone membrane roofing is catching up in popularity.
The demand for silicone membrane roof coatings increases by […]

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Eco-friendly Roofing

The texture of the old slate roof . Old slate background. Close up.
Most of us have considered reducing out carbon footprint. You can recycle, use alternative power sources such as solar energy, and even drive a hybrid car, but did […]

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Important Facts and Figures about Liquid Applied Silicone Membrane Roofing

With the latest advancements and technologies in our lifestyles today, the way roofing was done previously is also changing. Today, homeowners and commercial builders have more choices when it comes to what material they want. There are asphalt shingle roofs, […]

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Facts and Figures about Liquid Applied Silicone Membrane Roofing

With the advancements in technology making lifestyles better and easier to maintain, how roofing is done these days is changing as well. Liquid applied silicone membrane roofing has become one of the commonly adopted methods of covering the roofs and […]

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Facts to Know about Single Ply Silicone Restoration Roofing

A silicone restoration membrane is a way of protecting commercial roofs from damage and leakages and increases the life of your roof. A roof is a protective shield above you and must be protected from the harsh weather conditions, wear and […]

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