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Category Archives: Roof Types

Why Are Roof Shingles Like Sandpaper?

Roof shingles have a strong resemblance to sandpaper. Have you ever wondered why?

Roof shingles are fabricated with a sandpaper-like surface so it can protect you against all external elements. These shingles drive back rainwater, deter ice/snow accumulation, provide fire resistance […]

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Top 4 Cheapest Roofing Options

If you are on the lookout for a roofing system, you’re likely to find numerous types of roofs on the market. With so many kinds of roofing options, it is undoubtedly hard to choose the right one.

Most homeowners prefer to […]

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Eco-friendly Roofing

The texture of the old slate roof . Old slate background. Close up.
Most of us have considered reducing out carbon footprint. You can recycle, use alternative power sources such as solar energy, and even drive a hybrid car, but did […]

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A Guide to the Different Types of Roofs

A roof plays a vital role in determining the aesthetic design of a house. Not only does it give the exterior design a lift, it also protects the occupants of the house from the rough weather outside!
Roofs are also capable […]

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