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Category Archives: Roof Maintenance

Why Does My Metal Roof Leak?

There are some roofing products available working to improve the durability, strength, and performance of your metal roof. However, this does not mean metal roofs can never leak. Here are some common reasons why you may notice a leak in […]

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Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter

It may only be August, but winter weather is just around the corner. Is your checklist ready? Coats and scarves – check! Snow chains for your car – check! Warm boots – check! Roof inspection – oh, we still have […]

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Long-Lasting Materials You Can Choose for Roofing

The right roof can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. However, when choosing a roofing material, you shouldn’t overlook its longevity. The longer the expected lifespan, the more it will benefit you in the long run.
Let’s take a look […]

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Rainy Season is Coming. Is Your Roof Ready?

We all love the moisture in the air and the gray hues of the sky, we can’t get enough of the rainy season. During the monsoon season, people absolutely enjoy relaxing by the window and witness the gentle rain pouring […]

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The Problems with Flat Roofs

Most American houses have pitched shingled or tiled roofs but many New Mexican houses are known for having flat roofs. A flat roof is economical to build and quite convenient to install. Its construction requires less material, energy, and cost. […]

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Preventive Roof Maintenance – What Does It Include?

To avoid damages that put you through catastrophic emergency situations and for which you have to pay heftily, it is imperative that you consider preventative roof maintenance. Through preventive roof maintenance, the life of your roof is prolonged.
While you can always have […]

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Maintaining Your Metal Roof in Just a Few Steps

If you have chosen to invest your money into a metal roof, you have made a wise decision. It’s easier to maintain than other types of roofs but you still have to do some maintenance. Here are a few steps […]

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How​ ​to​ ​do​ ​Roof​ ​Maintenance​ ​on​ ​a​ ​Tar​ ​and​ ​Gravel​ ​Roof

The most important part of your home or building is your roof. It is vital to regularly inspect for wear and damage. An annual inspection of your flat, or low slope roof can help you avoid the headache of having […]

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How to do Maintenance on the Parapets on Flat Roof in New Mexico

If you are a resident of the arid state of New Mexico, you ought to know that your flat roof is the most vulnerable to damage during the fall and winter seasons. If you want to bypass the hefty roof […]

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How to Maintain a Spray Foam Roof

The biggest perk of spray foam roofs is that they can be installed anywhere regardless of the shape of the surface in question. Spray foam roofs also offer great insulation against all sorts of harsh weather conditions. However, in order […]

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