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What Does Gravel On A Roof Do?

The tar and gravel roof first gained popularity in 1950s when flat roofs were becoming the norm in most factories, schools and other buildings. This is because flat roofs allowed for more space, extra storage and was extremely convenient to […]

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Are Tar And Gravel Roofs Good?

Tar and gravel roofs have been the ultimate roofing solution for majority of homeowners for the longest of times. In the United States alone, around 75% of the houses are installed with tar and gravel roofs. Also known as built-up […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Tar And Gravel Roof?

Tar and gravel roofs are homeowners’ all time favorite! This is one of the most commonly installed roofing materials that gives excellent protection from natural elements such as heat, rain, snow, winds and etc.
What is Tar and Gravel Roofing?
Commonly […]

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The Most Common Roof Problems

If you’re constantly calling someone for roof repair even when you spent a lot of money on installation then you’re probably facing the following common roof problems. Have a look at them and see if one of these is a […]

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How Animals Damage Roofs

Have you seen any damage on your roof lately? Holes, cracks, asphalt shifting from one place to another? Well, the latter might be due to wind but there’s one more thing you might not have thought about: animals.
Usually, animals […]

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Dangers of a Leaking Roof

Often homeowners put roof repairs at the bottom of the list. They don’t consider it as urgent and rather focus on other damages in the house. While you are busy repainting your walls and fixating the hole in the wall, […]

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How to Spot Roof Damage After a Strong Wind Storm

Do you have a Wind Damaged Roof?
The roof of your home can sustain some damage even when the storm has not produced any hail or rain. Strong winds have a knack for creating some stress points on your roof, which […]

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4 Common Roofing Problems You Should Look Out For

Expected or unforeseen – roof problems are always unwanted and can bring along a significant expense.
Unfortunately, these problems are inevitable as the roof ages. However, knowing about the common problems and conditions potentially contributing to premature damage and reduced […]

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Tar and Gravel Roofs: You Get What You Pay for!

When building your new home, you might be confused regarding what’s a better option: a pitched roof or would a flat roof be more suitable? The rule of thumb is that flat roofs are suitable for arid climates whereas pitched […]

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Why Does My Metal Roof Leak?

There are some roofing products available working to improve the durability, strength, and performance of your metal roof. However, this does not mean metal roofs can never leak. Here are some common reasons why you may notice a leak in […]

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