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How to Install Skylights and Keep Your Roof from Leaking Afterwards

In a world as modern and improved as ours, skylights have quickly become the norm. This doesn’t mean houses with skylights on the roofing didn’t exist prior to this, but it’s more sought after now than it was ever before. […]

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The Top Types of Heating Insulation on the Market Today

Global pursuit towards greater energy production is fueled by the greater energy demand. With increased rate of fossil fuel depletion, the trend toward renewable energy sources and energy efficiency is on the rise. In homes and commercial properties, there is […]

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Important Facts and Figures about Metal Roof

And also a few myths that must be debunked now!
Be it the bone-chilling winters, the heavy downpours, the deafening lightning, the extreme temperature spikes or hurricane-labeled winds, metal roofs survive through it all. Metal roofs are one of the most […]

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Important Facts and Figures about Liquid Applied Silicone Membrane Roofing

With the latest advancements and technologies in our lifestyles today, the way roofing was done previously is also changing. Today, homeowners and commercial builders have more choices when it comes to what material they want. There are asphalt shingle roofs, […]

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Important Facts and Figures about a Tar and Gravel Roof

Tar and gravel roof is one of the most preferred choices of homeowners. It protects your home against external elements such as rain, winds, heat, and snow. It is suitable for flat roofs and is installed by applying multiple layers […]

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Important Facts and Figures About a Spray Foam Roof

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?
Spray foam insulation is a specially prepared fluid that expands once sprayed into position.It tends to expand up to 100 times its volume when expanded and is known for its superior thermal capabilities. One of the […]

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Top Reasons Why an Asphalt Roof Is Leaking

No matter how beautiful your house looks from both inside and out, the smallest of damage like water leaks can affect its structural integrity and appearance. Water leaks are an unwelcomed nuisance and they can damage internal structure of the […]

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Facts and Figures about Liquid Applied Silicone Membrane Roofing

With the advancements in technology making lifestyles better and easier to maintain, how roofing is done these days is changing as well. Liquid applied silicone membrane roofing has become one of the commonly adopted methods of covering the roofs and […]

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Facts to Know about Single Ply Silicone Restoration Roofing

A silicone restoration membrane is a way of protecting commercial roofs from damage and leakages and increases the life of your roof. A roof is a protective shield above you and must be protected from the harsh weather conditions, wear and […]

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Top Reasons Why a Metal Panel Roof is Leaking

Despite a number of misconceptions about metal panel roofs, they are one of the most resilient, durable and eco-friendly alternatives to other roof types. True, the initial investment may have one thinking twice, but if one considers its durability over […]

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