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The Problems with Flat Roofs


Most American houses have pitched shingled or tiled roofs but many New Mexican houses are known for having flat roofs. A flat roof is economical to build and quite convenient to install. Its construction requires less material, energy, and cost. However, flat roofs can have a number of drawbacks.

The Most Common Flat Roofing Problems

1.     Aging of Asphalt

Many flat roof covered with roll-out, torch-down asphalt. One of the most basic problems that can occur is the aging of this material.

With time, asphalt can easily lose its elasticity, causing it to crack and bubble. Such an occurrence is a clear sign that your asphalt flat roof has deteriorated entirely. The only solution is to have your roof replaced by an experienced roofer.

2.     Buckled Asphalt

Over time, as your house shifts and properly settles on its foundation, there is a possibility for your roof to shift as well. Excessive movement can easily cause the asphalt membrane to buckle which can adversely affect the roof’s longevity.

3.     Standing Water

When it rains or snows, the water on a flat roof drains slowly. That’s mainly because your roof is entirely flat. If the pools of water after a heavy rainfall are allowed to stand for too long they can easily damage the roofing material and may leak. The leaky water can enter your house and may cause further damage by destroying the interior walls, ceiling, and other items. Moreover, standing water can be a major source of mold, spreading serious illnesses.

4.     Cracks in the Roof

Since flat roofs have a level surface there is a greater tendency for pressure to be exerted on them. Often, this pressure causes the roofing material to crack. If the cracks are not immediately treated, they can lead to some serious structural damage. Just as you observe the first sign of cracks, you should call a professional help immediately.

Although flat roofs are common and affordable, they can easily create problems which are discussed above. However, all of these infuriating problems can be fixed by hiring professional roof repair services.