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Tar Roofing Repair

FIX MY ROOF is the New Mexico Tar Roofing Repair Expert

Tar Roofing Roof Restoration is Done Using Fix My Roof's Silicone Membrane IntegriGard® Roofing Material

Many New Mexico homes feature flat roofs sealed with tar. These types of roofs end up leaking eventually due to exposure to sunlight (UV rays) and weather. Ask any New Mexico home owner with a flat roof if their roof is leaks after it rains or if it has leaked in the past, the answer will most likely be a resounding YES

Leaky Tar Roofs

Fix My Roof offers the most effective solution to fixing leaky tar roofs. The amazingly successful solution is Fix My Roof’s incredible roofing material, Silicone Membrane IntegriGard®. It is a single-component elastomer specifically designed with high volume solids for the repair of flat tar roofs in New Mexico’s extreme weather zones. On a given day in New Mexico the temperature can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the early morning and jump to 85 degrees in the afternoon, which equates to a 45 degree temperature swing. The tar roofing on most New Mexico homes shrinks and expands, which leads to cracks in the tar and eventually leaks. The roof restoration product used by Fix My Roof, is a pure elastomeric silicone membrane system that provides superior weatherproofing, and UV resistance over the traditional New Mexico roof substrates. The outstanding features of Fix My Roof’s Silicone Membrane IntegriGard® are its high solids content, rapid cure rate and its superior physical properties. This roofing material has been tested and certified to meet Cool Roof Rating Council and EPA guidelines for ENERGY STAR compliance.

Whether your roof is currently leaking or you’d like to restore your roof before it fails, Fix My Roof is the right choice. Our materials are superior. Our superior workmanship is done with complete pride. Our warranty is one of the best if not the best offered by any roofing company in New Mexico.

Fix My Roof’s IntegriGard Silicone Membranes protect buildings from water damage and UV deterioration from the extreme New Mexico sun & it saves New Mexico home owners and business owners money by improving energy efficiency and eliminating maintenance costs.

Call Fix My Roof to extend the life of your roof for years!

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Residential Roofing

Fix My Roof, LLC is one of the premier residential roofing companies in New Mexico.

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Commercial Roofing

Fix My Roof LLC will help you determine if repairing, re-roofing, or restoration is the best option on your commercial roof.

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